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Everything you need to know about renting an RV in Europe

Switzerland 2021
Amsterdam, Berlin 2021
Hawaii 2021

Video: Mala Pier, Maui
Hawaii 2019
Kona & Hilo

Video: My night dive with Manta Rays
Disneyworld Florida 2019

Norway 2019
Bergen, Flam, Olso
France 2019
Normandy & Loire Valley
Spain & Portugal 2019

Video playlist
Disneyworld Florida 2018

Italy 2018
Rome, Pompeii, Florence, Cinqueterre, Parma, and Venice
Video playlist
Switzerland & Germany
2018 RV trip.

Video playlist

Paris 2018
World Cup, Bastille day, Disney
Video playlist

Hawaii 2017
Disney 2017

RV'ing through Switzerland,
and our Houseboat in Amsterdam, 2016

Video RV'ing through Europe

Hawaii 2016

Berlin, VW Factory tour Autostadt Wolfsburg. 2015

Europe 2014 Venice to Copenhagen iBook


Gallery View
New York, Washington DC '13


Christmas Markets in Hannover, Mercedes & Porsche Museum Frankfurt 2013
Maui '12
Italy, Austria, Germany '10 iBook

Hawaii '09
Paris '08
Copenhagen, Amsterdam,
Switzerland and Italy '07
Thailand and India '06
Italy, Switzerland '05
Welcome to 1984
Romania, Ukraine, Chernobyl, Greece '04

I wanna Kebab, I wanna Kebab
Poland, Hungary '03

Czech out Tischers week in Prague '02

Tischers European Vacation,
Contiki style '01

My motor swaps

Conversion of my 2001 Passat.
90kW watercooled 3 phase electric motor.
My new E-Bike

Conversion of my Motobecane bicycle

Our 2008 FunFinder Travel Trailer

Our 1989 Terry Travel Trailer (sold)
My 2014 VW Touareg air suspension swap

Adventures in the Disco

For sale (now sold)
My '96 Land Rover Discovery
My Disco Winch Plate
How to swap your Porsche 914 motor with the Subaru ER27 flat 6
How to swap your Porsche 914 motor with the Subaru EA82 Turbo flat 4
My cable shift kit for Porsche 901
My Audi TT
How to swap your MG Midget engine with Mazdas 12a rotary engine & 5 speed
Pics of completed rotary conversion, July 17, '98
Other Engineering Projects
Open source DIY ventilator project
My YouTube Channel

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(Event photography by Eric Tischer)

Camera bag 3.0

Camera bag 2.0

My fiberglass camera bag 1.0

Scuba and Underwater photography

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