Tischer's Inverter for the Siemens motor built for Ford

My 2001 VW Passat

I bought a 2001 VW Passat with a siezed cam on Craigslist for $1800. It even has a full tank of gas! The trunk and engine compartment are nice and roomy, which is great for carrying lots of batteries.

Curb weight is 3141 lbs and GVWR is 4322 lbs. The cast iron engine, automatic transmission, exhaust and gas tank should free up a good 600lbs leaving me 1800 lbs to work with.

Drag (Cd) is a very low 0.27; this is less drag than a 2006 Corvette, 2006 Civic, and a 2001 Prius. Landy didn't struggle too bad towing it home, she even got 14 MPG!

Heated leather seats and sun roof! Germans know a thing or two about making a beautiful interior.

I got the front end off. I should have done this before stripping the engine, I didn't realize how easy the job would be. The engine and tranny are ready to pull. All the fluids have been drained, hoses disconnected; alternator, and power steering pump have been removed; entire exhaust system has been removed. Siphoned the gas tank down to 1/4 tank.

I pulled the engine and transmission out as one piece. I used a chain hoist looped over a beam in the garage, making sure to reinforce the beam. This picture shows the two engine mounts, the two transmission mounts, and the 2 half shaft cv joints from the automatic transmission. This pic was taken after two hours of degreasing and pressure washing. The steering rack is tucked up where the heater core hoses go. This is the perfect place for it since the rack and the steering shaft are completely out of the way.

I pulled out the entire engine wire harness and brain. There are some signals I will still need like alternator light, water level, throttle position... but those are easy to find on the cars wire harness. The only toughy right now is vehicle speed and engine rpm. I have the sensors but I suspect the computer is needed to make the gauges work. Hopefully I can emulate the signals, and if Im lucky, it is just an analog signal. The cableless throttle could still open and close with the gas pedal, pretty neat.