Tischer's Inverter for the Siemens motor built for Ford

Tischer's EV project

I chose a slightly different approach to installing a heater in my car. Most people replace the heater core with an electrical equivalent. The heater core is burried inside the dash on most cars, and it is generally an 8 hour job to replace it. This would be a maintance nightmare, so I found a more acessable location inside the air filter box.

Air filter rain cover removed.

Air filter housing removed.

Electric heater core removed from a $20 portable heater.

Electric heater core installed.

View from inside the blower housing (blower fan removed)

Quite a nice fit, I was able to bolt the two pieces together without modifications!

The heater draws 5A at 320VDC, about 1600 watts. Air comming out of the vents is around 90 degrees when the ambient air is 60 degrees. Not as powerful as a regular car heater, but once it is going the air comes out about 110 Deg F. I wired the safety overtemp switch in series with the 12v heater relay signal. The relay power comes from the AC Clutch power, so the AC switch is now used to turn on the heater.