Tischers Camera bag 3.0

Here is a picture my finished camera bag.

This bag has inside:
Canon 5d
16-35 f/2.8L
24-105 f/4L IS
50 f/1.4
70-200 f/4L
15mm Fisheye
and 580ex speedlight

I'm going for a camera bag that looks like an ordinary backpack, so I made a hard fiberglass shell to house my camera gear.

I started with a mold made from foam core board, tape and expanding foam.

Next, I filled the corners with bondo, then sanded them round

Then waxed the mold with release wax

Added some fiberglass, just one layer this time for weight savings. Other molds ive made can withstand me standing on them, but its overkill. Im using fiberglass consisting of three layers sewn together. I used single thickness weave for the corners because the 3 layer sewn doesn't mold around coners well.

The block of wood really helped when it came time to pull the mold from the finished fiberglass shell. I could clamp the wood in a vice, and really get some pulling power.

Picture of the curved bottom, before I put felt on to protect it. Things got a bit scratched up when I had to chissel out the bondo, it didn't release easily. A quick spray of clear spray paint will have looking like new, but I'll just stick on some peel and stick felt.

The bottom of the fiberglass shell is padded with 3/8" neoprene foam.

Im using Tamrack lens pouches to hold my lenses, and the canon carry pouch for my flash

Then on top is my 5d

Now that I have my fiberglassing techinque down, I managed to create this case from scratch in about 5 hours. 2 hours to make the mold, two hours of laying fiberglass, and an hour of felting.

I couldn't quite get my mold to curve around the girth of the bag, and the length of the bag, so it looks like the backpack is a little tight at the top. Oh well, room for improvement next time. It fits my slightly larger backpack perfectly though.