Fussen, Germany (Bavaria)
Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Fussen is known for Neuschwanstein’s Castle, the castle Walt Disney used as a model for Cinderella's castle.
The views from the bridge are amazing, certainly worth the extra few minutes walk once you are at the castle.
King Ludwig only lived in this castle for 6 months before dying under suspicious circumstances.  The interior is absolutely pristine compared to churches that have become blackened from candle soot.   I imagine this is what most church interiors looked like when they were new.
This castle, built in the early 1900’s was one of the first with running water and a telephone.
This picture was taken from a rickety old bridge, you can see how nervous Jen was walking on it.
The town of Fussen is very quaint with lots of window shopping.
Jen window shopping for Lederhosen.