Sorrento & Capri, Italy
Tuesday, July 6, 2010
The blue Grotto is the biggest attraction in Capri.  You take a ferry from Sorrento to Capri.  A boat from Capri to the Grotto, then a little row boat to get into the Grotto.   A cheaper way to get there is taking a city bus, and you can wait in line to get on a row boat.  The whole adventure took about 2 hours, and $100 euros.  Time spent in the Grotto, about 90 seconds!
This playful pup was mistaking my shoe for a piece of beef jerky, I couldn’t shake him loose, well without hurting him anyways.   A nice lady scared him off with her cane.
Pulling into the island of Capri.
The Best Pizza of the trip, Capri.
Sorrento is known for their lemons.
What’s that hunny, your Manolo Blahniks are hurting your feet?
This girl already had band-aids on both heels, she made it about 50 feet down the dock before having another break down.   The funny thing is, it seems to be all the locals with the high heels on, most tourists are easy to spot with their brand new Nikes.
A row boat enters the Grotto.  The “Captain” has to time the swells just right to get the boat to clear the cave walls.  The waterline on the boat has just inches to spare, I could see a big wave capsizing one of these little boats.  There was a lady who must have been 400lbs trying to get from one of these row boats into our ferry.  The Italians all erupted in applause when the 4 man team successfully extracted her.
Giardiniello’s is a place Jen has been to before many times.  It’s a small family owned restaurant off the beaten path.  The waiter offered to let us borrow his car so we could see the Amalfi coast before we left the next morning!  Jen ordered the fruit bowl for dessert and that’s exactly what she got.
The local business owners all bring their pets to work.  Lots of cute puppies lounging around.
Inside the Grotto.  By the time your eyes get adjusted to the dark you’re on the way out!  Unfortunately I didn’t think to bring a flash.  These were shot at 16mm, f/2.8, 1600 iso.