1 night in Interlaken, 1 night in Berne, 7-22-2014

Taking it easy these last few days.


We booked a hotel from the Interlaken Ost train station, they have a great interactive map showing which hotels are free, and a free phone to make reservations.  The International hostel by Interlaken Ost station looked amazing, but was booked.  

Our hotel is hanging off a cliff, with great views of interlaken from the terrace by our room.  

We stopped at the COOP, (grocery store) where they had painted eggs, and laser engraved melons. We are constantly forgetting to weigh and attach barcodes to our fruit.



Walked around the town for a couple hours, a bit burnt out on being tourists so we just hung out in the park for a few hours (their grass is amzing).   We invented a new game, ant bridge.



We didn't visit any expensive resturants, but food was still pretty good.