1 night in Brienz 07-21-2014

It was pouring rain our entire stay in Brienz, we did spend an entire day in the Balleburg Open Air museum, one of the best museums I have visited.  

Ballenburg Open Air Museum

There are over 100 historic houses that have been moved here from all over Switzerland. A plaque by each house shows where in Switzerland it originated, the houses are also filled with period furniture, clothes, artwork...   Guests are free to roam though every room in every house.  There are candles and fires giong in each house, you really get the sense of going back in time. The oldest house we saw was from the1640's. One could easily spend 2 days walking through this huge museum. Best exhibit was a fully functional waterwheel powered saw mill. Ended the day with meat, cheese and chocolate made in the region. Entrance was 20 SF/person


Views from the Train

It was a bit overcast and rainy, but still got a few good pictures from the train.  The scenery is amazing, and the trains are so quiet, it's the best way to see Switzerland.



The best food we had so far in Switzerland was in the Ballenburg open air museum.  Meals are served in the historic buildings (unfortunately there are alot of flies since it's on a farm).  This is alpine macaroni, spinach soup, goulash soup, and hazelnut cake for dessert; from the Gasthaus Degen (the only red building in the museum).