3 nights in Copenhagen 07-30-2014

The Hilton at Copenhagen airport is amazing, it is directly across the street from the Airport and Metro station, literally a 1 minute walk.  This was the most convenient hotel stay ever, there are signs directing you from inside the airport, the hotel lobby even has the gate information screens.   Our room had a King bed, and a pull out bed that was all pre-setup for us, certiainly one of our best hotel experiences in Europe, breakfast was amazing. Nyhavn is only 15 minutes away, the perfect end to our first day having spent 10 hours on the flight.  I'd gladly have another layover in Copenhagen!

Nyhavn district

The perfect afternoon strolling through town.  Everyone has been really helpful and generous, not to mention stylish, beautiful and very tall.  

Most of the resturants along the waterfront have patio heaters, and provide blankets.  I enjoyed checking out all the blonde haired, blue eyed locals driving their SUV like bicycles.  



The food has been amazing, pictures are of our meal at NyhavnsKroen, right on the waterfront in Nyhavn.  

1. Lakseroulade, 12eu

2. Flaskesteg with Broccolisalat, 24eu



This is the world's first amusment park, and it obviously also has the oldest roller coaster.  Each train on the roller coaster has an operator who is in charge of manually braking the cars, pretty crazy to see a driver on a roller coaster.  The park is best visited at night.  

Penny rode quite a few rides and loved it.  The rides are pretty intense, bumper cars are way faster than they are in the US.  


The Little Mermaid, and other tourist stops

Our last days in Europe were spent being lazy riding the hop-on-hop-off bus, hanging out at playgrounds and having picnics.  

The advertising on the city bus makes me want to go to the hospital more often!