Jen & Eric's EuroVelo-15 Bike Tour, Aug. 2023

Our Trip Summary

In August 2023, we biked 720 miles though Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, France and Germany. We mostly followed the EuroVelo 15 bike path (which follows the Rhine River) from the lake source in Oberalppass, Switzerland to Cologne, Germany.

We flew, with our bikes, from San Francisco to Frankfurt, and stayed at the Sheraton hotel across the street from the FRA airport. We stored our bike boxes there until our flight home 3 weeks later. These two hotel nights and a train ride from Frankfurt to the start of the trail (Oberalppass) were the only things we pre-booked. This meant that we never had to be at a certain place at a certain time, we had no pre-set schedule we had to stick to, no pre-set distance or direction we had to ride each day. We simply biked until we got tired, or fell in love with the town we were in, and we booked a hotel for the night. Having this freedom felt great! We could literally go anywhere, anytime.

We averaged 44 miles per day, (4.5 hours of biking) over 16.5 days; we had a rest day at the halfway point in Strasbourg, France. Places one would pass by car or train in a matter of seconds, we would linger for hours, having a picnic overlooking fields of grape vines with alpine horns in the alps in the distance playing songs. We had amazing food, indulged in cakes, crossiants... all the things people avoid when dieting; we were burning on average 2,500 calories biking each day. At the end of 3 weeks, I was 6 lbs lighter.

EuroVelo 15 elevation map though Switzerland

Our Trip in a nutshell

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