Day 10 - Ribeauville to Strasbourg

Aug 14, 2023 - 43.82 miles

Day 10 - Ribeauville to Strasbourg (43.82 miles, 214’ elevation gain).

We’re 10 days into our 20 days of biking, and just crossed 400 miles. Looks like we’re going to reach our 600 mile goal with a week to spare!

Some easy riding today, mostly flat but 88+ degrees. Arrived in Strausbourg around 3pm, our hotel room had the AC cranking, and we decided two nights here would be great! Tomorrow’s a bike free day to chill and relax a bit. The bike trail today was amazing, with a canopy of trees, and light rain. Had great thunderstorms last night and the sound of the rain was nice to sleep to.

Places to fill water are pretty much non-existent in France, so we stopped at McDonalds to fill up on soda (we need the calories). They have all re-usable containers for nuggets, fries and soda. Every container, even cups have a RFID tag for location tracking. Couldn’t figure out the sorting bins, what goes in the 60 deg C bin.

Our hotel in Strasbourg (Hôtel Beaucour) is in the heart of the old town, $150 Eu per night, and they have a dedicated conference room for bike storage. Tonight we’re just gonna relax a bit, and explore the town by foot tomorrow.

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