Day 11 - Strasbourg rest day

Aug 15, 2023 - 9.5 miles (walking)

Day 11 - Strasbourg rest day

Started our day of rest by climbing to the top of the Strasbourg cathedral. So many beautiful historic buildings, it’s amazing here.

We had a funny waiter at lunch, he would hold a bottle of Coke as if he were serving a $100 bottle of wine, then slowly place each of our Coke bottles on the table, being careful to clock them so the respective Coke logo on each bottle faced each of us. I ordered stew and asked if there were any snails, he said in his French accent, might be a few. When I asked if I could pay, he replied, “I will accept”. It was nice to be off the saddle for a day!

Jennifer Florentin did the most amazing thing today. Well, first she dropped her phone off the side of bridge and it splashed into the river; but then she jumped over the fence, scaled down the canal wall, jumped down onto the platform like 10 feet below, sifted though the murky water, and pulled her phone out of the river. Then climbed back up the canal wall like it was nothing.

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