Day 12 - Strasbourg to Steinmauern

Aug 16, 2023 - 44.2 miles

Day 12 - Strasbourg to Steinmauern (half way to Heidelberg). 44.2 miles, 165’ climb. Today was just about getting miles in. The French side of the river was pretty boring, mostly country side without shops, restaurants, water fountains… Really glad we bought lunch stuff and a huge bottle of water before we left.

Around 4pm we decided to get on a cable drawn barge and cross into Germany. At the (German side) dock was a snack shack with ice cream, hot food, sodas; and a hotel, we decided to hang out for an hour and let the heat die down. Biking mid day was quite warm, 85+ deg. We’re staying on the German side from now on!

We rented a room in a Pension from a lady at a Pizza place in the middle of no where. All the credit card machines and ATMs were down, so had to bike a couple blocks to find a working ATM. No AC in the room we’re renting, but it has a nice bathroom and a fan and it’s cooling down nicely tonight, $85 Euros. Bakery across the street, we're good to go!

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