Day 14 - Heidelberg to Mainz

Aug 18, 2023 - 61.61 miles

Day 14 - Heidelberg to Mainz, 61.61 miles, 532’ climb, 3,070 calories

In the morning we walked around Heidelberg castle, tours didn’t start till 11:15am, and we arrived at 9am, so we had to skip the tour. We did tour the German Pharmacy Museum, it’s the largest collection of its kind. There were 4 full pharmacy displays, each with 100’s of labeled drawers and jars. It was amazing. They also have a huge room with display cabinets showing the flowers, herbs seeds, roots, basically what’s inside all the jars. Ive done the castle tour before, but I think this is the highlight to see.

We were planning to split this ride up into (2) 30 mile segments, but the riding felt pretty easy. We were biking though fields of grass, sandy forests, broken up concrete, and when the pavement was smooth, we were doing a steady 14 mph, that’s with a loaded bike (~68 lbs). It was 88 deg F most of the day, I went though 5+ bottles of water/soda. I had to ring out the foam in my helmet every hour cause it would get saturated and sweat would be dripping down the inside of my glasses.

Our last hotel didn’t have AC, and after a 50+ mile ride in the heat, that was the worst! Decided to splurge tonight, staying at the Hyatt, with an amazing swimming pool. In the lobby were water stations filled with ice water, what a welcome sight! So far we’ve covered 567.5 miles. We’re at the scenic part of the Rhine river in Germany, planning on slowing the pace a bit. 120 miles to cover in 4 days, looking forward to exploring some castles!

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