Day 16 - Rudesheim am Rhein to Rhens

Aug 20, 2023 - 38.15 miles

Day 16 - Rudesheim am Rhein to Rhens - 38.15 miles, 322’ climb. Pretty mellow day, we passed too many castles to count. Had 3 slices of cake, and made 3 ice cream stops along the way; not the healthiest lunch to be honest. We booked a nice place to stay (Haus Mittelrhein), has a washer, dryer, AC, kitchen, even ice in the fridge, only $110/night.

There’s a sushi place (Umami) that just opened across the street from where we’re staying, and it’s talk of the town, the first Asian restaurant in this area. The presentation was over the top! Just 2 more days till we get to our finish line in Cologne; 65 miles to go!

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