Day 17 - Rhens to Linz am Rhein

Aug 21, 2023 - 45.76 miles

Day 17 - Rhens to Linz am Rhein 45.76 miles, 1,189’ climb.

Woke up this morning to water raining down on my head and pillow. The AC unit above the bed decided it was time to start the day! This was at 9:30am, the latest I’ve ever slept in, but with the blackout roller shades on the outside of the windows, it was pitch black inside. I was dead asleep when it happened, and immediately jumped up to figure out how to resolve was happening.

The river is right down the street from our hotel, so we rode down, and walked our bikes down to the pedestrian path which is closer to the river to take some pictures. Got back on our bikes, forgetting we were on the pedestrian path, it got super narrow and surrounded by overgrown stinging nettles, we made it though unscathed. Jen lost her glasses in the process, but ran back and was able to find them!

The trail was beautiful today, canopy of trees offered shade, most of the route was right along the river. We stopped for photos in Koblenz (Deutsches Eck) where the Rhine and Mosel rivers join together. Took our bikes on a gondola that crosses the river up to a fortress. Switched back and forth on different sides of the river all day, sometimes by ferry, sometimes by bridge.

We got to our hotel (Rhein Villa Arte) around 8pm, and the person at the front desk said we should take the ferry across the river to Linz am Rhein, it’s something not to miss. So we took the ferry across, it was 3Eu for the both of us, had some dinner and biked around some more till 10:30pm. Tonight was the first night in two and a half weeks we’ve biked without panniers on. It felt amazing; dropping 30lbs of weight, we breezed up the steep hills in our middle gears at speeds we would normally be doing on flat ground.

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