Day 18 - Linz am Rhein to Cologne

Aug 22, 2023 - 41.28 miles

Day 18 - Linz am Rhein to Cologne - 41.28 miles, 431’ climb. We made it! Cologne is our last stop on the Eurovelo 15 bike route. We covered 720.4 miles, 11,590 feet of climbing in 16.5 days of biking. We biked though 5 countries; Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Austria, France and Germany. Rather than being sad that our trip is nearly over, we celebrated the completion of our journey like a marathon runner crossing the finish line! Our legs are in great shape!

In the morning, we will take an hour train ride from Cologne to Frankfurt where our bike boxes are waiting for us at the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport hotel. We’ll have the day to explore Frankfurt by bike before boxing them up.

The hotel we're staying at (acom Hotel Köln) has a patternoster revolving elevator of death. Rather than stopping at each floor, it runs in a continuously revolving loop with one side moving up and the other side down. The hotel had to keep giving us a different room until we had one with working air conditioning, three times! Not sure I'd stay here again, but riding the patternoster was pretty cool.

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