Day 19 - Train from Cologne to Frankfurt, FRA-SFO flight

Aug 23, 2023

Day 19 - We completed our EuroVelo 15 bike ride from Oberalppass, Switzerland to Cologne, Germany yesterday. Today we explored Cologne a bit, we got to walk inside the absolutely huge Cologne Cathedral. Did some shopping, we were hoping to find a cycling jersey with some German flags or writing on it, but Germans are a bit apprehensive about showing off their national pride, even today. Jen did find a jersey, but no cool Germany references on it.

We rode the Paternoster "elevator of death" in our hotel!!! Got on an hour long train to Frankfurt airport with our bikes. Chatted to a 76 year old couple who have been bike packing for 40+ years across the world, and got some good ideas for our next cycling adventure.

Our bike boxes were waiting for us at the Frankfurt Airport Sheraton. We boxed up our bikes, flew to SFO, and made it safe and sound back in the USA! Over the next few weeks, I'm hoping to put some of the video footage we made up on YouTube... stay tuned!

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