Day 2 - Disentis to Chur

Aug 6, 2023 - 41.9 miles

Biking Day 2 - Biked from 10am to 6pm today, 42 miles, 1,570' elevation gain (with a loaded 68lb bike)! Today's route had the most uphill parts. It was cold, it was rainy, hills were steep, long and sometimes muddy; but we both had an awesome day and are in a happy mood! The day started with a super awesome breakfast buffet with fresh butter, fresh baked bread and all the fixings. After biking along side the highway for an hour, we finally realized something isn't right. We pulled off, and realized the EuroVelo is a dirt path off to the side. A German couple were laughing at us hysterically when we explained we were biking on the highway.

The actual EuroVelo route is fantastic. It felt like we were biking though a rain forest at times, other times it followed the river cutting though rows of corn, and fields of wild flowers. We were pretty covered in mud by the end of the day, especially Jen cause she didn't have a rear fender. By 6pm we were slowing down and it was getting stormy, cold and dark. Checked into a hotel, only $122/night, and it has a balcony for storing our bikes.

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