Day 4 - Ruggell, Liechtenstein to Arbon, Switzerland

Aug 8, 2023 - 42 miles

Biking day 4 - Passed though 3 countries today; we started in Ruggell, Liechtenstein, briefly crossed over into Austria, and ended up staying in Arbon, Switzerland for the night. Biked from 11a-6p again today, 42 miles mostly flat. We averaged about 10mph, pretty good considering the weight and bags we're carrying. The pedaling felt easy, it feels like we could ride all day at this pace. Today's riding was 10 deg warmer than previous days, we could see snow on the mountains behind us as we headed north. There are several restaurants and coffee shops right off the bike path, we had a raclette burger for lunch. We've been eating surprisingly little food, practically skipping dinners, and eating light lunches. Breakfasts have been amazing. There are several farms along the way, with posters about nature, and bugs... This water-buffalo farm had a vending machine with water-buffalo milk, cheese and cured meats.

The town of Arbon is super quaint, we stopped riding early so we could spend 3 hours exploring. We had dinner along the water front, and ate fried fish caught from the lake. Our hotel has a view of the water, and is right on the main bike path. Prices are a little higher $170/night inc. breakfast. Still going strong!

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