Day 5 - Arbon to Stein am Rhine

Aug 9, 2023 - 42 miles

Biking day 5 - Arbon to Stein am Rhine, 42 miles, 785’ climb, biking 11a-6p (it’s our typical routine now).

Turns out having a hotel next to a church is a bad idea, church bells till 11pm, and they start up at 5am; every 15 mins. We’d definitely stay in the same hotel again though.

I made a fender for Jens bike from some scrap wood since it was raining again.

We stopped in Konstanz, it was very crowded. We saw a man open a manhole cover in the sidewalk, and pull out a wallet with some long grippers. He threw out the contents, inspected the wallet, then put it in his pocket. Seemed super sketchy, so I took a picture, and we moved on.

We stopped for the night in Stein am Rhine. We are spending the night in Hotel Schwanen (only 109 CHF per night), which is where Napoleon setup his headquarters, the building is from the year 1509. Napoleon’s room is #1, we stayed in #3. It's amazing here, one of the prettiest towns I've ever visited.

Day 5 - Stein am Rhein, Switzerland pics (part 2)

One of the most amazing towns I’ve ever visited. It’s like a Swiss version of Colmar, France. We made friends with the staff at the bike store, bought a very Swiss biking jersey.

Had amazing tapas for dinner at Uferlos. Some of the highlights were: Heirloom tomato (red, yellow, green) salad with apricots and roasted almonds & hazelnuts. Chicken & Date kebabs.

The first few pictures were part of a trivia post I posted on Facebook, what is this wand looking thing used for? Scroll to the bottom for the answer.

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Triva answer: a newspaper holder