Day 6 - Stein am Rhein to Zurzach Switzerland

Aug 10, 2023 - 48.4 miles

Biking day 6 - Stein am Rhein to Zurzach Switzerland. Our most miles, and our most elevation gain so far; 48.4 miles, 1,892’. Had some Black Forest cake and a veg. quiche for breakfast. Got some Swiss stickers for our bikes, and hit the road. Biked across a few wooden covered bridges, saw the Rhine falls (largest waterfall in Europe), biked though several cute walled towns, ate lots of pastries….

We had planned to do 30 miles a day, but we’re averaging 40-45 miles. Basel is our last stop in Switzerland, and it’s 41 miles away, so we’ll be arriving a day ahead of schedule. At this rate, we’ll have a day off each week; or 3 extra days to cover more ground!

Tonight’s hotel (Guesthouse Zurzach) was only $115. Everything is phone controlled via webpage, unlocking the entrance door, our room door, laundry room door… Free laundry machines, bidet, patio, lots of room to store bikes. The sliding patio door pops out and slides like a minivan door, or the huge piece of glass can also tilt.

We arrived late, and most restaurants were closed, we had lamb Shish kebabs and greek salad at Zurzi Kebap, it was so good!

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