Day 8 - Basel to Colmar

Aug 12, 2023 - 56.5 miles

Biking day 8 Basel Switzerland to Colmar France. 56.5 miles, 403’ climb. Another Amazing Day!!!

We biked around Basel till about 1pm. Then ended up biking all the way to Colmar, we were originally planning to do this over 2 days. We stopped at a hardware store yesterday to glue on extensions for Jen’s kickstand, it was cut a little too short which made it prone to falling over.

We went back to Basel SBB train station, this station has the best food! We had amazing quiche with Brie and Broccoli. Lunch (in France now) we shared a burger, and gespatcho soup, they had marinara sauce for the fries. In Colmar we had dinner at Schwendi Bier und Wistub. We had been here before and it's amazing, i reccommend the Munster Rosti; Potato, panchetta, topped with Munster cheese, baked in a iron skillet, sorta like a raclette.

We were praying for rain yesterday, and today it poured hard today for about 20 minutes. This was the first day without any major hills, we were cruising at 12-13 mph any time the pavement was smooth enough (today’s average was 9.1mph!). Temp was 80 deg, and water fountains were few and far between in France. The neck gaiter works really well (looks like I pee'd my pants). We also had cloud and tree coverage from the sun, pretty comfortable day. We arrived in Colmar super pumped up, feeling accomplished, we could have probably gone 75 miles if we had daylight.

A few hotels were fully booked, we started looking around 7pm which might be a bit too late. We did find an amazing hotel, it looks like a dump on the outside, but it has an amazing pool, sauna, and our room is beautiful, only $165, and we’re right in the city center! Most other hotels were $300+. Another amazing day, and tomorrow will be even better. Planning on taking our time seeing the 3 towns around Colmar, and maybe just do 20 miles tomorrow.

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