Tischers Disco winch plate

Pictures are in order of most recent first.

Added a front skid plate to protect the winch and steering components

Broke off the fog lights, added Hella 4000's eurobeam, and added a recovery point

Finally done!

View from the bottom

Just got done painting the winch plate.

Bracket I welded to mount the bull bar

Ohh yea, look at that awesome paint job =)

Painting the winch plate

I cut a 2" hole in some 4" x 6" L channel, then welded the brush bar to it.

Added two brackets to weld the factory brush bar onto. Almost done!

Front bumper mounting, I used a hole saw to cut a hole in the front and rear bumper plates, then welded pipe on.

Front bumper mounted to winch plate

Front of bumper welded to pipe.

Back of bumper welded to pipe.

My awesome neighbor welding the thick steel for me =)

Winch plate with winch and rollers mounted.

Back side of winch plate. That is 8" C channel. Web cross section is 1/4 inch thickness. Fabricated bracket replaces the winches solenoid housing.

Cut off the curvey parts of the bumper to make it flat so it could be face mounted to the winch plate.

Winch plate tacked together for fitting.

Winch test fitting to verify the tranny cooler line does not interfere, will have to either shorten cable, or fab new line incase the winch is not always wrapped so neatly.

Trial fitting winch between frame rails, unfortunatly it won't fit centered.

4x6 angle iron

Winch plate that came with the winch

Rough sketch side view

Rough sketch top view

Rough sketch side view

Rough sketch assuming I would add the front tow hitch instead of a winch mount.

The tow hitch I was originally thinking of using