Our 1989 Fleetwood Terry Travel Trailer is for sale, $4250 OBO

The best part about this trailer are the windows, there are 8, and they are much bigger than trailers being sold these days. Windows are on all 4 sides for 360 deg view.
All the windows open for great air flow, there are also 2 skylights that open. Windows and skylights have screens. Both plastic skylights have been replaced with new ones
All window crank handles have been replaced with metal versions
This trailer also has a ton of light fixtures (13 bulbs in total), it can get really bright inside at night.

Sleeps 5, rear bed, bunk above rear bed, and front dinette converts to a bed
Floor, walls and ceiling are insulated, great for extending the camping season
Tons of storage, keep all your gear in the trailer, and you can go camping at a moments notice
Cigarette lighter socket installed by the front dinette for charging phones and iPads
Length from bumper to hitch is 16 feet, it is also not very tall, it fits under the eve of our house
Trailer cover included

Brand new: axle, springs, bearings, brakes, spare tire and wheel.
Comes with a sway control arm, we never used it, the trailer tows great without it
Tail lights, turn signals and all running lights are all new
Trailer has been re-sealed with silicon along seams, lights, windows, doors, hatches, appliance doors...

Added (welded) on a hitch receiver for bike rack
Toilet and Black tank have been removed (trust me, it's way cleaner to have a portable toilet). I'm a bit of a germaphobe, and the though grosses me out. Makes for a larger shower. New Grey water valve and drain hoses

Everything works except the exhaust fan in the bathroom
Heater with wall mounted thermostat, heater works great but is a bit squeaky when starting up
6 Gallon water heater, roughly 12 gallon fresh water tank, I'd estimate 18 gallon grey tank. Enough for a few showers and normal use for 3-4 days.
Sacrificial anode rod has been replaced, this prevents corrosion of the water heater tank
There is a gravity fed drain by the door for washing sand off feet before getting in

Stove and 4 burner stove, we use it to make brownies and pizza!
Fridge is Dometic (made in Sweden!), works on propane and 115V, cold enough to keep ice and ice cream.
Has latch to store with the door cracked open.
Any rust spots on the fridge pipes were treated with naval jelly and painted with rustoleum, the fridge and freezer work great on both 115 and gas

This trailer has been gone through, top to bottom, bumper to bumper, re-enforced, resealed, cleaned up, and all the old parts have been replaced. Trailer is in great shape, but there are a couple minor issues.

There is a brand new 12v inverter for powering 115V stuff under the front dinette bench, it's in the pictures, not included in the price. I have not removed it or the wiring yet incase you would like to buy it (what ever amazon is selling it for now). It is a true sine wave inverter, so it can run things like fans and laptops without the motors buzzing.

There is some rot on the front wall, pictures are at the bottom show the issue.
The wall is just 1/8" plywood, we have the matching peel-and-stick veneer and wood, the rotten part is always behind curtains, so we never bothered to make the repair.
The trailer does not leak, the front lights were leaking, and they have been replaced and properly sealed.

There is also a small soft spot near the front door. It's not a biggie, but I want the buyer to be aware of everything good and bad. You would probably not notice it if I didn't point it out, and if you wish to repair, it's not a difficult fix, just takes time. The soft spot can be cut out, 2x4 slipped underneath and screwed into solid floor, and new plywood installed. Alternatively, you may be able to shoot some resin or epoxy under the linoleum, the soft spot is near the edge. The bottom of this trailer is thick fiberglass insulation, it's easy to work on.

We recently bought a newer, larger travel trailer, and have to sell this well loved trailer, and it is well loved and cared for. Since all the work has been done, it has been stored under cover. Propane tank is full. The battery is in good shape, it has never been drained flat even after 5 days of camping.

This trailer has been serviced by Rogers Trailer in Fremont, and this is where all the parts were purchased (2 skylights, 13 running lights, 2 tail lights, axle, brakes, bearings, springs, dump valve). They also removed the toilet and black tank.

You can email me (Eric) at etischer@etischer.com, or call 925 915 xxxx