Tischer's Review of the Sigma 20mm f/1.8


Taken on a Canon 1dmk2 f/3.5 1/10 sec. ISO 400.


f/1.8 1/160 sec. ISO 1600. no flash. Image is slightly bloomy.


f/2.8 1/50 sec. ISO 400. no flash


f/4.5 1/25 sec. ISO 800.


f/4 1/60 sec. ISO 200. w/ flash

- original file

1.3x crop with Canon 1dmk2, f/4 1/60 sec. ISO 100. w/ flash

Sharpenesstests @20mm were repeated with my 1dmk2

Sharpness test:

Simga 12-24mm f/4.5 - 5.6 Sigma 20mm f/1.8 Canon 18-55mm efs

Full frame

Sigma 20mm f/1.8

Sigma 20mm f/2.2

Sigma 20mm f/2.8

Canon 18-55 f/3.5

Sigma 20mm f/4

Canon 18-55 f/4

Sigma 12-24 f/5.6

Sigma 20mm f/5.6

Canon 18-55 f/5.6

Sigma 12-24 f/8

Sigma 20mm f/8

Canon 18-55 f/8

Sigma 12-24 f/11

Sigma 20mm f/11

Canon 18-55 f/11

Sigma 12-24 f/16

Sigma 20mm f/16

Canon 18-55 f/16

Sigma 12-24 f/22

Sigma 20mm f/22

Canon 18-55 f/22

To my eye the Sigma 20mm is identical to the Sigma 12-24mm from f/5.6 and down. Unless you need the extra speed or macro ablity, there's isn't much incentive to upgrade. Both lenses use 82mm filters, but the 20mm is quite a bit smaller in size. The macro abilities of 20mm are much better than the zoom, but it lacks the HSM focusing. Focusing is still quick, I'll have to report back after using this lens more to tell you how accurate the focus is. Hopefully I'll have a few real world, and macro shots comming up.

The Sigma 20mm has the goofy focus ring which I've started becomming used to. I almost always use autofocus, so its nice that the ring does not rotate during AF..... to be continued..

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